Rob LoBosco, Management Consultant

I help organizations consistently improve their market positions.

To do that they need to consistently achieve economic growth. Unlike M&A, or even organic growth, economic growth increases both the top and bottom lines.  It powers organizations to lead, dominate, and disrupt their markets.

Economic growth comes from increasing productivity through innovation and strategically applying that increased output in the market. 

Increased productivity drives greater output from the same resources, creating efficiencies and increasing margins.  When strategically applied to the market, that increased output yields greater revenue. 

To create sustainable economic growth for organizations, I focus on four areas of executive management:

  • Innovative Cultures – The engines of sustainable growth
  • Continuous Strategy – Not an exercise, not a plan, but a strategic organization
  • Organizational Design – Scalable and designed to promote strategy and innovation
  • Post-Heroic Leadership – Creating movements, not followings

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