Rob LoBosco

Rob is an independent management consultant helping organizations become innovative organizations.

Innovative organizations consistently lead, dominate, and even disrupt their markets.  Innovation increases productivity, and increased productivity creates economic growth.  Economic growth increases an organization’s addressable market and its share along with it. 

Rob guides organizations with a unique perspective on innovation based on these principles:

Innovation is not about technology:  Innovation is about increasing the productivity of resources.  It’s people who make that happen, whether by applying technology, improving processes, or with some other form of human ingenuity. The people closest to the business are the best at this.  In fact, most organizations are already filled with natural innovators.

Innovation is the path to sustainable growth:  To keep growing you need to create economic growth, i.e. your top line grows much faster than your bottom line. The only way to do that is by constantly increasing productivity, creating novel products and services, and sometimes even disrupting the market – in other words, innovation.  You simply can’t acquire your way to that kind of growth.

An innovative culture is the key to innovation:  Cultures define how we feel about our contributions to our organization.  An innovative culture, led from the top, empowers us to increase productivity, adapt to market needs, and solve problems.  It’s invigorating, inspiring, and highly rewarding.  Imagine if everyone in the organization felt that way – imagine what they could accomplish.  There’s no better recruiting and retention strategy.

Innovation is the process:  The innovation process drives everything your organization does.  Innovative products and services drive your market strategy and your top line.  Productivity enhancements and efficiencies improve your tactical operations and your bottom line.  Innovation, strategy, tactics – everything comes together around the process – everything and everyone.   

Organizational design does matter:  The right organizational structure not only drives greater innovation and teamwork.  It scales to meet the resultant growth.  Innovative organizations regularly ramp up and wind down business lines as they experiment to best meet the market needs.  All without costly reorganization.  They remain focused on innovation and growth.

Organizations that seek Rob’s help are typically aware of the benefits of innovation, but not quite sure how it applies to them.  Some will appoint an executive in charge of innovation.  Others will launch initiatives aimed at stoking innovation.  Still others will turn toward technology.  These are incomplete approaches to innovation.

An organization must itself become innovative.  That means building an innovative culture, organizing for both innovation and growth, and following a process that promotes and manages innovation.  Only then will innovation come consistently and with unparalleled success.

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