Rob LoBosco

I help organizations become more innovative and strategic, empowering them to consistently lead, dominate, or even disrupt their markets.

Organizations tend to approach innovation and strategy in the same way as others, which by definition is neither innovative nor strategic.  Not surprisingly, the benefits prove elusive.

I see things differently.

Years of critical and contrarian thinking have led to my unique approaches to innovation and strategy:

I’ve found that innovation is usually confused with technology and invention.  Innovation is about increasing productivity.  Only people can increase productivity, with or without technology. 

When empowered by an innovative culture, ordinary people produce extraordinary innovation.  And it’s those closest to the business who do this best.

Innovation increases productivity, which drives economic growth.  All organizations want growth, but most approach it through acquisition – the exact opposite of economic growth.

Similarly, I’ve found that strategy is often confused with planning.  Planning is crucial, but purely tactical.  Everyone plans, and they typically plan the same tactics. Tactics don’t win the war.

Strategy is deceptive. It’s what no one expects, and what no one else is doing. It’s what moves the market toward you and away from them. It’s what keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

I see innovation and strategy as most effective when part of an executive management process that balances the innovative, the strategic, and the tactical for transformational decision-making. 

And I’ve developed a scalable organizational design that ensures organizations can handle the resultant economic growth driven by their innovative and strategic execution.

These approaches apply to organizations big and small, for-profit and non, in virtually all industries.  After all, which organization can afford not to be more innovative and strategic?

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