Don't Play Follow the Leader.jpg

Humans are naturally inclined to organize for a common cause.  For proof, look no further than an angry mob.  A leader will either harness that organizational energy or diffuse it, depending on the leader’s focus.

An organizationally-focused leader develops a movement, individuals focused on their collective success, empowered and inspired to fulfill their own potential.  A movement is independent of any one leader.

A self-focused leader develops a following, individuals focused on their leader’s success, sacrificing their own potential to his or hers.  A following is entirely dependent on its leader.

If you’re surrounded everyday by people who feel safe taking risks in pursuit of better performance; who collaborate, cooperate, and share credit; who speak in collective terms, you are part of a movement – good going.

If instead those people fear using their own judgment; avoid taking risks; compete with each other for the leader’s attention; speak in individual terms, or in the leader’s name, you are part of a following – good luck.

Oh, and if you’re part of a movement and can’t find the leader, just look behind you.